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INDIGO BLISS is a song dedicated to Hayden Meyer, who died in an accident at the age of 24. Hayden was an unusual young man whose path was, in a word, heart. He exuded joyfulness, and at the same time was present with his family members and his many friends. He heard us. He saw us. May we learn from his wisdom.

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BLUE FUNK, Jessie Rae's 2016 release, is raw and full of feel. The tracks on BLUE FUNK include originals by Joan M. Meyer and Lauren G. Semler as well as the cover Garden of Eden by John Dawson of New Riders of the Purple Sage.


BLUE FUNK is about living in the real world of climate change, suicide, mourning, corporate greed, struggling to make ends meet, letting go, getting let go, flashing back, and in spite of it all, still finding a way to be thankful. Jessie Rae skillfully fuses contemporary and existential themes into dynamic and spirited songs.



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Released September 2000. 

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Joan M. Meyer at Jessie Rae Records in Portland Oregon.


Joan's other work

Gabby's Wish - Original motion picture
2012 - Directed by Hollie Olson


Original song by Joan Meyer "It Came Down to Me"


Jessie Rae's featuring Joan Meyer, has been described as "roots pop with a blues edge" and "cool funky folk." The band displays a flair for R&B, blues, and reggae. They also have a knack for playing a more mellow, acoustic sound that incorporates jazz, folk and rock.  Joan's song. "It Came Down to Me" is a wonderful addition to the soundtrack as incidental music.



Lonesome Taxi
1995 & 1996


For more information about Joan's earlier works as bassist and songwriter of Lonesome Taxi, go to Lonesome Taxi's home page.



TranSister  1985


Members: Paula Jo Vaden, 
Margo Girard, Dana Vion, 
Cheryl Camelio, Joan Meyer


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Joan Meyer releases another round of originals featuring some of Portland's finest musicians including Lauren Semler and Jim Bronson on guitars, Wendy Coburn on percussion & backup vocals, Kipp Crawford on drums, Matt Burnett on keyboards, Phil Hornik on bass, Clif Koufman on congas, and Donna Rae on backup vocals.

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This demo features Jessie Rae's original music since the 2000 release of their CD A Tribute to Jill. Percussionist Mike Crabbe adds his soulful grooves to each track. This CD displays Jessie Rae's own flair for R&B, blues, rock & reggae.


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